Pension Wise

Pension Wise

Pension Wise is the UK Government scheme that gives free and impartial guidance about your pension options.

In April 2015 new ‘freedoms’ where introduced that allowed people with defined contribution pensions to access their pension savings in more ways.  Pension Wise helps you to understand your options so that you can make an informed choice when you access your pension savings. If you are aged 50 or over* and have a defined contribution pension you can book a free face-to-face or telephone appointment with a Pension Wise guidance specialist. Call 0800 138 3944 or book online here.

Understanding Pension Wise

At your appointment, we will ask you about your circumstances and your plans for your pension. With this in mind we will talk you through your pension options and explain their impact on your tax and household benefits. We will tell you about other trusted sources of help and advice available to you and show you how to shop around for further advice and avoid being scammed. Finally, we will set out the next steps for you take and send you a written summary what we discussed with you. Pension wise is impartial guidance - we won’t recommend any firms or products to you and we can’t tell you how to invest your money.

*If you are under aged 50 and your pension provider will allow you to access your pension because of ill health or because you have a ‘preserved pension age’, or you have inherited a pension pot from someone, you can still have a Pension Wise appointment. Call us on 0800 138 3944 to find out more.